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Thursday, January 4th, 2018

Report from LSCB Rep – 21 Dec 17

LSCB Report for SCVS –

  • Further to carrying out Case Reviews, the voluntary sector was represented by Gina Ward and her colleague Lydia Bambury at the LSCB conference.  Gina held a presentation on their findings of Safeguarding cases carried out on behalf of the VCS groups, including feedback about the VCS groups involvement and contribution to Safeguarding Children in Solihull.
    Findings were:

    • We are excellent at representing the voice of the child
    • Frequency and quality of supervision has improved
    • We don’t receive feedback further to referrals to Engage
    • We have requested family friendly information on Early Help, to avoid VCS having to explain the system, that can change at times
    • Requested training for manager to perform clinical supervision to assist with increase in complexity of cases including cases that don’t meet increased thresholds for children’s services
  • I also attended the CSE Peer Review with commissioners and other local authorities to talk about the role VCS plays in preventing and supporting Child Sexual Exploitation in Solihull. I talked about how VCS operates to ensure itself we are doing our part and how this is communicated to the wider VCS community.
  • Referrals to Engage, Children’s Social Care and the Youth Offending Service can now be referred from one place, see link below for source of referral form:
  • Poor information sharing continues to be identified as a compounding factors that can lead to serious harm – find attached some myth busting guidance and further reliable information is available in the consultation Information sharing to protect vulnerable children and families; a report from the Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing July 2016.
  • The next learning faculty meeting will take place on Wednesday 24th January 2018 at San Soucci 2 – 4pm.  The topic for discussion will be special education needs and disabilities.  Any practitioner/manager working with children young people, families and adults in Solihull can attend the learning faculty.  To book a place email:
  • Betty Lynch, Business Manager of LSCB has left and is being replaced by Steve Eccleston and the current chair is Dave Peplow.

There is also a myth-busting guidance sheet from LSCB on Information Sharing and Consent: