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Thursday, March 15th, 2018

Make it a Date Now

These are challenging times, with an increasing call for services from a growing population of rising average age but less money in the system to meet the demand.

So, how we make the money go further? One tactic is to work more effectively with others who have similar goals in a more co-ordinated way.

There are some great emerging examples, both in Solihull and elsewhere in the country, of VCS organisations working together, of public services joining forces and, perhaps the most challenging to achieve, Public Sector and Third Sector resources combining to a single purpose.

In an effort to stimulate our imaginations and tackle any perceived barriers to a closer partnership between Solihull’s VCS and our Council, the spotlight is being put on ‘Building VCS – Council Relationships’ for this year’s Solihull VCS Conference.

The event will be held at The Core Theatre on Thursday May 24th at 5.00 for 5.30pm. With local and guest keynote speakers, informative case studies, a couple of key announcements and an opportunity for networking, this is one date that anyone with a leadership role in the local Sector should want to put in their diary now.

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