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Thursday, July 12th, 2018

Introducing the SolVE Network

With increasing financial pressure on third sector organisations as well as public services, the stretching of resources makes it more important than ever for voluntary organisations operating at the coal face of neighborhood need to work together.

The needs of our beneficiaries come first and foremost and by establishing the closest possible working arrangements we can build a framework capable of delivering an optimal response to these.

Local organisations, led through local governance and driven by local passion to exceed expectations can respond the most effectively.

Accordingly, a group of Solihull’s most forward-looking voluntary enterprises have taken the first steps by joining in a commitment to work together, to:

  • strengthen the local sector,
  • help lay the foundations for an era of local co-production and
  • derive the best achievable outcomes for our beneficiaries as citizens of our borough.

Having adopted the brand name SolVE (Solihull Voluntary Enterprises), we have produced this brochure which sets out our commitment and the capabilities of network members.

However, we hope to bolster our network through the addition of further local community sector organisations with a collective focus and common commitment.

Any other local organisations wanting to know more and/or explore the potential to join should contact me via