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Thursday, September 6th, 2018

Brighten up the borough with free spring bulbs – Love Solihull

Love Solihull – Solihull Council’s environmental initiative – has free daffodil and crocus bulbs for residents.   Anyone can apply for the ‘Let it Grow’ bulbs – as long as the bulbs are planted next to a road sign in the borough.

Interested residents can apply online at or email  by Friday 21 September.  Any applications received after this date will not be accepted.

The Love Solihull team will contact applicants by Friday 28 September and confirm collection points.  Guidance sheets will be issued with up to 40 bulbs, which will be a mixture of crocus (Crocus Tommasinianus) and daffodil (Dutch master/Geranium).

Bulbs should be planted within half a metre of the street sign for maximum colour impact and ‘wow’ factor and should only be planted on Council owned sites.  Grass cutting immediately around the planted signs will be delayed until July so that the bulbs can rejuvenate which will give them a chance of flowering again the following year.

The Love Solihull team would also like your before and after pictures – so please send in your photos or post online and tag in Love Solihull and Solihull Council via twitter or Instagram.

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