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Thursday, September 6th, 2018

Support Solihull’s Zero Suicide pledge

Solihull Council will be launching the ‘Solihull Zero Suicide Pledge’ on Monday 10 September to support World Suicide Prevention Day and we need your help to promote the Pledge.

The Pledge is all about looking after family, friends and colleagues, becoming more aware of any concerning changes and asking if they are ok.  There is free online training to help people spot the warning signs in others and details of support services are provided.

Please encourage your staff/volunteers and customers to sign up to the Pledge – our Communications Toolkit will help you do this. As an organisation you can sign the Pledge too at:

Suicide is a tragedy for those taking their own life and for their families and friends.  Whilst Solihull has a lower suicide rate compared to the national average, each death is one too many.  The Pledge is part of our action plan to reduce suicides and achieve our long-term ambition of ‘zero suicides’ in Solihull.