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Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Report from Solihull Together Board – 4 Sep 18

Meeting Name: Solihull Together Board (STB)

Date of Meeting: 04th September 2018

Key Points of Wider Interest Discussed:

Birmingham and Solihull Sustainability and Transformation Partnership

Solihull Council is part of Live Healthy, Live Happy, a Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) with Birmingham City Council and local NHS organisations.  It agreed a refreshed strategy in May 2018. Part of the strategy focuses on ensuring people in BSOL age well and enjoy healthy and happy later lives.  An overview was provided of the various Boards in place to support the delivery of the priority. The Portfolio Board and End of Life (EoL) Programme Board are BSO wide.  The Older Peoples Programme Board, and the three workstreams that feed into it (Prevention, Early Intervention and Ongoing Personalised Support) are Birmingham only and Solihull Together is the vehicle for delivery in Solihull in part by existing programmes of work including SupportUHome and OPAL.

West Midlands Combined Authority

There is much debate on whether the Police and Crime Commissioner role will become the responsibility of the Elected Mayor as is possible under devolution, but not decided yet.

East Birmingham and North Solihull to be the inclusive growth corridor with Solihull seen as a trail blazer.

Fire Service Update

Station Commander Ian Smith gave an update on the Fire Service work in Solihull and explained that they are having to rewrite their strategy as they have had to suspend all their commissioned work in the areas where they had been expanding their prevention work into the health and social care interface, due to a vote taken by their members related to pay.  It is unclear at this point in time where they stand, and it has placed them in a difficult position as they feel that much of their preventative work is about keeping the most vulnerable people safe and working with their many partner agencies to get extra support for those who need it.

Place Based Development

We looked at Solihull as a place-based development with the citizen at its heart.

We have:

  • 2 Constituencies each of which is represented by one MP in the House of Commons
  • 3 Localities – north, east and west which focus on people, place and service need
  • 5 Early Help/school collaboratives – locally based groupings of primary and secondary schools which meet to offer support and challenge
  • 17 wards – administration division of the borough that elects and is represented by a Councillor

Potential Follow Up Action/Discussion/Feedback Required:

There is to be a proposal on the content, format and purpose of the Annual Public Health Report to that it is as useful for partners as it is for Public Health.

Date of Next Meeting:  15th October 2018

Name and Contact No of Rep Completing:  Anne Hastings  Phone 07578169045

or email