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Thursday, November 29th, 2018

A PACT for the Future

Civil Society FuturesI commend another really important read this week, perhaps the most important read of the year – Civil Society Futures, the result of a two year independent inquiry into the future of community action “from informal networks to vast charities, Facebook groups to faith groups”.

The results identify four key themes:

  • Places that matter
  • Belonging and identity
  • Reimagining work and purpose
  • How we organise

It also proposes a ‘PACT’ for individuals, civil society organisations and networks to commit to, which comprises:

  • Power – shifting it to the community and being a model of inclusive participation
  • Accountability – being accountable to our own and future generations rather than funders
  • Connection – bridging social divides and creating a new “social infrastructure”
  • Trust – building it and earning it and demonstrating that communities can be trusted to make decisions affecting them.

This is a discussion starter drawn together by some of the most experienced leaders in our sector. Find out more on the report website and join the debate,