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Thursday, November 29th, 2018

Funding to improve the lives of people with dementia – Alzheimer’s Society

As part of its new programme, Alzheimer’s Society is looking to fund innovations and inventions that could help people affected by dementia live better. Anyone with an idea for a product or service that will improve the lives of people affected by dementia can apply including (but not limited to) engineers, designers, developers, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Ideas could range from a simple product that makes an everyday task easier for a person living with dementia to an innovative idea for a new service or way of working for care home staff.

Apply by creating a two-minute video introducing yourself and your product or service. Your video does not need to be professional – a recording from a smartphone uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo would be suitable. Submit your application by completing the online form and include a link to the video. Projects supported will really focus on the impact on people affected by dementia.

Up to four awards of up to £100,000 will be made to make the product or service a reality.

In addition, successful projects will partner with a member of the Alzheimer’s Society innovation team for 12 months, to help to bring the idea to life, offer advice on planning, evaluation, budget and resources management and help to work with people directly affected by dementia to develop and test the product or service.

Apply before the 1st January 2019.