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Thursday, November 15th, 2018

Who Knew?

Social Enterprise Day LogoDid you know that yesterday, Thursday 15th November, was Social Enterprise Day?

Amongst the many days, weeks and months that take a theme and spotlight it these days, almost lost between World Town Planning Day on 8th November and World Hello Day on 21st November, this day was celebrated worldwide by putting the spotlight on Social Enterprise.

Since its inception, the day has taken each year the hashtag #WhoKnew as a mechanism to give social enterprises the chance to shout out about the good work they do and the difference they make in communities, presumably because these things don’t generally get shouted about and few people do realise the substantial impact of such work.

This is an issue endemic within our sector. Charities and community groups, also, may not call themselves social enterprises, but most have significant social impact and often derived in enterprising ways, and typically, few people know.

In the work that we do here at Colebridge Trust, we often find ourselves helping by making connections and one of the lines we hear so often is “well, I never knew they were there.”

Generally speaking, in our sector, we need to get better at raising our profile, otherwise the question will keep coming up: “Who knew?”