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Thursday, January 10th, 2019

Change is in the Wind


Some of you may have heard that Colebridge Trust was unsuccessful in tendering for a renewal of our contract to supply Infrastructure Services to the VCS on behalf of Solihull Council for the next three years.

Naturally, this is a great disappointment. Our belief is that we have been good servants in the role for the past decade and garnered a good reputation for providing quality support and made a significant difference to many organisations around the borough.

Our contract ends with the passing of March this year. Until then we will continue to deliver with our usual professionalism and good humour. In the meantime, I am sure that the new provider will be in touch to assure you of a seamless transition and their commitment to their new role.

Most importantly for us, as a Community Development charity, Colebridge has a wide portfolio of activity which will continue, and this unexpected turn of events does not need to be seen as the tolling of a bell, but rather an opportunity to develop our community development work to meet identified need.  We will continue to work alongside our colleagues across Solihull’s communities and remain committed to addressing social and economic deprivation and improving the life chances of Solihull residents.

Organisations that shy away from change are those that stagnate and wither. When the strongest of gales comes, it can blow seed to pastures new – whilst the man tempted to stand facing it can readily be blown over.

With so much work for us all to do amongst people in need of support and neighbourhoods in need of greater self-reliance, we should allow change to carry us with it.

Change is to be embraced and never feared.