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Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Funding for Community Cohesion Projects – Allen Lane Foundation

The Allen Lane Foundation has announced a new Social Cohesion Programme, established to provide support to local communities. The aim of the new programme is:

  • Proactively to work towards building better community cohesion and trust, and encouraging respect and understanding in the local area
  • Proactively to promote the inclusion of marginalised groups and individuals in the life of the local community
  • To fund work which breaks down barriers and tensions in the local community thereby reducing feelings of division and “them and us”.

The Foundation is seeking applications from community-led grassroots groups and organisations which have a focus of work being at a very local/community level, which could be a housing estate or distinct community.

Applications will be particularly encouraged from areas of high deprivation but not exclusively and the Foundation is keen to support communities in coming up with their own solutions to local issues of division. New initiatives, those that may have been tried before or are on-going, are considered as long as the work has lasting benefits for those people the projects are aimed at.

No minimum or maximum grant levels are published. In 2018, of the 153 grants awarded 112 were single grants with the remainder being for two or three years. The majority ranged from £750 to £15,000.

Applications may be submitted at any time.

Potential applicants need to check their eligibility.  Once this has been confirmed they will be directed to the application form.

Further details from the Allen Lane Foundation website.