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Who’s Who at SUSTAiN

Contact Us: If you need to get in touch with anyone at SUSTAiN you can find details on the contact page.

Dave Pinwell: CEO

Dave Pinwell, CEO

Dave leads the Colebridge Trust and SUSTAiN ensures that the strategic direction set by the Management Board is realised. Dave plays a key role in providing strategic support to Solihull’s Voluntary & Community sectoras well as linking it into the work of the Solihull Partnership and in developing connections with other support organisations locally, across the West Midlands and nationally.

Dave is based at our Central Solihull Office.

Alan Crawford: Funding Officer

Alan Crawford, Funding Officer at SUSTAiN

Alan brings a wealth of experience gained at BVSC to provide a support service to Voluntary & Community sector organisations with funding bids. Alan cannot write the bids for you but he can offer invaluable information, advice, guidance, training and support to help you increase your chances of success.

Alan is based at our Central Solihull office.

June Mole: Services Development Officer

June Mole, Services Development at SUSTAiN

June supports voluntary organisations in a number of ways such as support from local businesses, governance issues and other forms of support. Often June will signpost groups on to other members of staff or organisations who can provide specialist help. June also co-ordinates our internal communications.

June is based at our Central Solihull Office.

Steven Breese: Admin & Reception

Steven is the acting administrator and receptionist at our Central Solihull office. Steven looks after our financial transactions, database and meeting rooms as well as keeping the office running smoothly.

Steven is based at our Central Solihull Office.

Charles Rapson: Enterprise Manager

Charles Rapson, Operations and Enterprise Manager

Charles leads the development of Colebridge Enterprises – to help us diversify our income streams and provide added value to SUSTAiN. Colebridge Enterprises comprises of a component assembly and packing operation, carpentry and timber services and other trading income streams. See for more information.

Charles is also CEO of the West Midlands School for Social Entrepreneurs.

Charles is based at our North Solihull office.

Central and Community & Enterprise Staff

In addition to the above staff, there are numerous others working on different project and behind the scenes. We help people find jobs, lead healthier lifestyles, provide a range of marketing and communication services, assemble car parts and make high quality products out of wood and fix your garden fence. Visit for more information.