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The Solihull Together Fund is currently closed to applications.

Dates for future calls for applications will be announced on this website and via our regular SUSTAiN Alerts* email service.

* You can sign up to receive our alerts by going to the Home page of this site and completing the sign up form at the bottom of the page.

To be able to apply for grant support from the Solihull Together fundraising activity, your organisation must meet certain criteria.

Who can apply?

  • Small Constituted Groups
  • Not for profit Sports Clubs
  • Registered Charities
  • Social Enterprises


  • To be eligible the organisation’s registered address must be within the Borough of Solihull or operate services solely within the Borough of Solihull.
  • Priority will be given to smaller organisations with an income of less than £50,000 (based on your most recent accounts).


  • No grants made to individuals
  • No grants made for work/activities already carried out
  • No grants to organisations based outside of the Borough of Solihull even if they conduct some of their activities within the Borough or support some clients from Solihull.

Funding Specifications

  • Awards are made to a value of between £100-£500.
  • The trustees retain the right to award less than the amount requested.
  • The overall value of the project proposed should be no more than £2000.
  • Awards can be made for capital or revenue costs excluding salaries and running costs.
  • Any award must be fully spent within 6 months from the receipt of the award.

Rules on re-applying

  • Organisations in receipt of a grant must wait 2 years before re-applying.
  • Organisations whose applications were unsuccessful can apply the following year however we would not wish to see the same application re-submitted.

Monitoring evidence required.

Successful organisations will be asked to complete a grant acceptance form before receiving their grant and a simple Project Closure Report to be completed 6 months after receipt of the grant.

Awards Panel

Decisions on applications are taken by an awards panel consisting of both trustees and invited members of the community who have contributed to raising funds for Solihull Together.

Right of Appeal

The panel’s decision is final. Informal feedback on why an application was unsuccessful may be supplied on request.


If you have any queries regarding applying for Solihull Together Funding please contact either Alan Crawford (email: or June Mole (email: ) or ring the Solihull SUSTAiN phone number below.