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Use This Website

The Opportunities & Resources section of the SUSTAiN website is a collection of updates for or about Solihull’s Voluntary Sector.

We will happily accept submissions to this section and there is no charge. Also, your information may be broadcast in summary in our fortnightly SUSTAiN Alerts which goes to around 1000 people.

Please send all submissions to

Some Requests & Guidelines

To help us help you please:

Keep your submission brief and to the point. Include a one sentence summary and no more than 250 words for the main item.

Use Plain Text – don’t spend ages formatting. Our website does it automatically and it just means we have to spend time removing your formatting. A simple email is fine.

Don’t ask us to circulate attachments with our email alerts – we won’t. But we may, at our discretion, make them available to download from our website.

End Date – If there is a time limit – like an application deadline – make sure you tell us.

Pictures – we will happily accept images which complement the submission. For example, if your submission is about a new community centre opening then a photo from the opening would be fantastic. But make sure you have permission from the photographer and anyone in the photo. That’s your responsibility. We will just forward any nasty letters from lawyers claiming copyright infringement to you.

PDFs – please don’t send your information in a PDF or as an image. It makes it really hard to copy and we may not be able to use it. This is because people who visit our website, and rely on an assistive device (e.g. due to a visual impairment) will not be able to read about your event if information is all contained within an image.

Volunteer Ads – our site is not the place for these. Please add your volunteering opportunity to the national Do-It website. (See the Volunteering Section for help to get started with Do-It.)

Your Responsibility – to make sure the information is accurate, that you have permission from anyone involved (esp pictures) and that spelling and grammar are correct. Sometimes we just cut and paste and don’t have time to correct errors.

Our Decision – we reserve the right to refuse submissions if we feel they are inappropriate or that our website is the wrong medium.

Jokes – Clean ones please. Send them anyway you like.

Thank you