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Solihull SUSTAiN has now been absorbed into Colebridge Trust.

Colebridge Trust is a community development charity, supporting people and community sector organisations in Solihull and providing expert support services to charitable organisations and groups across the West Midlands and beyond.

Find our more about our activities below.

Solihull SUSTAiN legacy: To find resources from the Solihull SUSTAiN website, you can use the search box above.

Colebridge Employment & Skills:
Journey to Work

Our Employment and Skills team enjoys a reputation for a high performance in supporting those furthest from the job market.

We particularly support never yet employed young people, and those with learning disabilities or on a mental health recovery pathway, to develop their skills and secure employment. Our programmes have a long established track record of success.

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Colebridge Employment & Skills:
Assembly & Packing

Our Industrial Unit in Chelmsley Wood provides work experience, volunteering opportunities and even employment to these same groups, providing experience of assembly and packing work to enhance their CVs and better equip them for the mainstream employment market. We have many case studies of successful alumni from our programme, exemplifying what we look to achieve for those who pass through our doors.

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Colebridge Community Development:
Capacity Building

Our Community Development arm continues to drive forward projects aimed at developing capacity, strengthening cohesion and fostering new activities to engage local people, stimulate the young, get people active, improve health and wellbeing, connect the isolated and engender community pride.

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Colebridge Community Development:
Big Local

Our work with the Big Local project in the Cars Area of Smiths Wood has helped local residents to launch a host of projects which have engaged much of the local community and introduced regular activities with a wide range of participants of all ages, progressively transforming the area.

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Colebridge Professional Services:
Consultancy and Training

Our team provides bespoke Consultancy, Advisory and Training services to the charity and community sector, at affordable rates, in a range of specialist disciplines including Fundraising, Governance, Communications and IT solutions.

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Colebridge Accountancy

Our Colebridge Accountancy group provides high quality but affordable bookkeeping and accounts preparation services to many long standing and satisfied clients.

We support operational teams with budget and financial report preparation and advises boards on interpreting financial position statements.

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