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What We Do

SUSTAiN offers a range of services for free to voluntary & community sector organisations, in alphabetical order, these are:

Funding Advice

We can help to identify opportunities for funding, develop your funding strategy and train you in bid writing to improve your chances of success.

Contact Alan Crawford on 0121 711 3148 or email

You can also visit our Funding pages for details of latest funding opportunities.

Fundraising & Grant Giving

To help meet the need for small pots of money, SUSTAiN set up Solihull Together as a fundraising project. Small grants are distributed twice a year. For more information, see the Solihull Together section of this website.


SUSTAiN can help you find volunteers and help individuals find volunteering roles. The Volunteering section of our website provides more information.

Business Support

SUSTAiN has strong links with the business community based on a track record of brokering partnerships and projects which have benefitted both the voluntary organisation and the business.

Contact June Mole on 0121 711 3148 or email

Governance, Planning, Performance & Quality

We can help whether you are setting up a new group, reviewing your policies and procedures, need help writing a business plan, set up a quality assurance systems or want to see if you can do even better.

Contact Dave Pinwell on 0121 711 3148 or email or Charles Rapson on 0121 770 8222 or email

Information, Advice & Guidance

We can provide one to one and group support on a wide range of aspects of running a voluntary organisation.

Contact June Mole on 0121 711 3148 or email

We also provide resources on our website and via our regular email SUSTAiN Alerts. Visit our Resources section or sign up to our fortnightly email alerts by filling out the form at the bottom of our Home page.

Leadership & Representation

SUSTAiN plays a key role in ensuring that the voice of the voluntary sector is heard and valued. We support a number of networking forums including the Third Sector Network aimed at all organisations. See our Networks Page for more information.

To help ensure that as many voices are heard as possible but in a cohesive and constructive way, and help those who represent the sector in various forums, the Voluntary Sector Reference Group (VCSRG) was established.

Our CEO is a community sector representative on the Governing Board of the Solihull Partnership. SUSTAiN, through the Colebridge Trust, supports the Partnership’s community engagement and community development work in various initiatives.

Marketing & Publicity

Getting the message across about what you do in the right way to potential service users, supporters, volunteers, funders and others is vital to the success of your service.

Charles Rapson has over 30 years experience in marketing and can offer free advice on how best to promote your services.We will look at who your audience is, what messages you need to get across and how best to do that.

We also operate a marketing services social enterprise called Colebridge Communications which helps fund the work of SUSTAiN. (See Enterprise Services below). We produce professional web sites, print design, video, door to door distribution and a mobile exhibition bus.

The services provided by Colebridge Communications are chargeable but our advice is free.  So, if you want to raise your profile …

Contact Charles Rapson on 0121 770 8222 or email

Child Protection & Safeguarding

We have resources such as best practice guides, policies, procedures and tools for safeguarding children and young people in your care.

Visit our Safeguarding section for details

Training & Development

From time to time, SUSTAiN runs training events in a wide range of subjects or we can arrange or signpost you to more specific training. Training Find out what training is currently available


A database of available meeting rooms in Solihull. This includes our own facilities at The Priory

  • A ground floor, accessible meeting room that will accommodate up to 20 and costs from as little as £20 per half day.
  • A small meeting room/office on the top floor that will accommodate 2 people from as little as £5

Contact Reception at The Priory on 0121 711 3148

We also recommend that venue owners list their facilities on Think Venue, an online resource designed to promote community facilities.

SUSTAiN & The Colebridge Trust

SUSTAiN is one part of the Colebridge Trust but accounts for a significant proportion of what we do. The Colebridge Trust is a Community & Enterprise Development Trust.

The chart below gives you an overview of the different parts.

With a number of key staff working across different projects or brands, experience and learning is maximised and adds value to the work of each. For example, the changes in adult social services and social care being dealt with at Waterloo helps with the support SUSTAiN can give to voluntary organisations experiencing the same issues. Our skills, resources and experience with colebridge:communications can benefit organisations who wish to improve their marketing and publicity. And so on.

You can find more information about these by visiting the Colebridge Trust signpost website or download the Colebridge Trust Brochure

In addition to the free services, we offer a range of paid services through our social enterprises of:

Colebridge Communications with Websites, Print Design, Video Production, Mobile Exhibition Bus, Door to Door Distribution

Waterloo Woodwork with Garden Fencing, Garden Make-Overs, Benches, Picnic Tables, Pergolas, Bird Boxes and much more. Provides work experience and training to people with a learning disability

Colebridge Assembly a new venture providing manufacturing companies with an assembly outsource service and providing paid employment to people with a learning disability and other disadvantaged people.

Profits from our enterprise activity helps fund the work of SUSTAiN. So, please use our Social Enterprises so that Solihull profits.